Certificate for International Education Professionals

Today's international education administrator is called upon to perform a multitude of duties and to be knowledgeable about areas ranging from immigration policy to mental health, from study abroad opportunities around the world to institutional risk management policy. As the field of international education grows, so do the career opportunities for professional international education administrators.


Course Code Dates Registration Status Registration Deadline Cost
Designing for International Service Learning IETP110 Open April 12, 2019 $495.00 + HST
**NEW**Advising and Programming in International Education—An Intercultural Approach IETP140 Open April 12, 2019 $495.00 + HST
Learning with Adults in an Intercultural Setting IETP120 Open May 3, 2019 $495.00 + HST
Managing International Education Programs IETP130 Open May 3, 2019 $495.00 + HST
Program Evaluation for International Education Professionals IETP100 Open June 21, 2019 $495.00 + HST