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Late Spring 2020 -
Summer 2020 -
Late Summer 2020 -
Fall 2020 -
Winter 2021 -
Late Winter 2021 -

This short, self-directed course is designed to help Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) and Educational Assistants (EAs) create inclusive environments, where students’ abilities, needs, and differences are embraced.

Learners will participate in problem-solving scenarios, practical activities, and reflections that will help them help young children and students to feel safe, welcome, and able to learn, so that they can achieve success. 

EAs and RECEs will learn how to support children and students and promote learning through a variety of topics, including
•    Creating safe spaces
•    Differentiating instruction and assessment
•    Classroom and room arrangements
•    Calming strategies
•    Visual schedules
•    Listening and observation
•    Safety plans
•    Sensory and focus strategies

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