Copyediting Standards 2
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Late Winter 2020 -
Late Summer 2020 -

Formerly Stylistic Editing Standards

As part of the Professional Editing Standards Certificate program, Copyediting Standards 2 moves beyond the mechanical aspects of copyediting to copyediting at the sentence and paragraph level. This course focuses on professional standards for the following topics:

  • implications of the audience, medium and purpose for any communication
  • how to revise paragraphs and sentences for clarity and coherence
  • editing at the language and word level to meet the needs of readers
  • considerations for visual and multimedia content, such as tables, figures, audio and video
  • how to communicate with authors and query effectively

Identify your strengths and gaps, learn to work to industry standards, and gain advanced knowledge and practice in copyediting at the sentence and paragraph level with the support of an expert editor.


Required course texts:

Stylistic Editing: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards. Available at Captus Press.

Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, 11th edition, by Joseph M. Williams and Joseph Bizup. Available at Amazon.

Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, 11th edition (2014), published by Pearson, by Joseph M. Williams, revised by Joseph Bizup. This book is in its 12th edition but the course uses the 11th edition, which is available on Scribd with free access for 30 days. Alternatively, consider purchasing the 12th edition, which is substantially similar.

This course is applicable to intermediate and advanced editors of English from all geographical locations. If you're looking to take an introductory editing course, we recommend WRIT 265: Editing in Academic and Professional Contexts, available through Queen's Arts and Science online.

Recommended, but not required, prerequisite: Copyediting Standards 1.

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The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) recognizes Queen’s University Professional Studies courses in editing and proofreading as quality training that will count towards SfEP membership upgrade, with more points awarded according to the pass grade achieved.