This course provides a solid foundation for those new to the field of international education, or those who want to enter the field with an international education experience on their resumés. It will provide you with some basic concepts to help build a good sense of your own culture, so that you can better guide students on their international and intercultural journeys.

You will explore the ethics of advising, as well as begin to develop some core competencies that new advisors need. You will learn a professional approach to program planning and learn to program in a logical and comprehensive way.

This course will help you to realize the vast potential of the rapidly expanding field of international education.

Course topics include:

  • Your Cultural Self
  • Cultural Assumptions Theories
  • Theories on Cultural Interactions
  • The Role of the International Student Advisor
  • Student Advising Models
  • The Advising Session
  • Program Planning, Development, and Evaluation
  • Basic Principles of Advising
  • Advising Students Abroad
  • Pre-departure Programs
  • Programs for Students While Abroad
  • Re-entry Programs


Read the Course Outline [DOCX]