4 kinds of professional development: Which kind is right for you?

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The term professional development describes a range of activities, from workplace training, to attending seminars or webinars, to completing a full-length college or university program.

Which kind you need depends on your current situation and your longer-term goals. Do you need to solve an immediate problem? Do you want a better job? Or are you thinking about changing careers?

Below, we look at four kinds of professional development and how each might help you advance your education, job, or career goals.

Are your holiday celebrations free of bias?

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The winter break is fast approaching. How are you celebrating the lead-up to the holidays in your child-care centre or school?

In an article titled Holidays and Anti-Bias Education: Being Thoughtful and Creative, Julie Bisson and Louise Derman-Spark encourage early childhood educators to plan celebrations thoughtfully, so that all children and educators in their communities feel affirmed. The article addresses questions like these:

3 kinds of editing courses: Which kind is right for you?

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As far as we can tell, there appear to be three kinds of editing courses: how-to courses, how-well-you courses, and what-to courses. What do we mean by these course categories, and which kind of course is right for you?


Many editing course providers offer how-to-edit courses in a variety of editing disciplines. If you want to learn how to copyedit a report, proofread a digital poster, or develop a piece of fiction, you’ll want to explore courses like the ones offered in the following programs: