Fantasy fiction editor and lifelong learner: Meet Nicola Aquino

Nicola Aquino has a master’s degree in microbiology, but chose to be a stay-at-home-mum while her children were growing up. Nicola volunteered with La Leche League Canada, a national charity providing breastfeeding support, eventually spending nine years as a national administrator. That role included a lot of editing (newsletters, information sheets, handbooks). She is now is a fantasy fiction editor and the sole proprietor of Spit and Polish Editing.

Editing tools enthusiast: Meet editor Dr Hilary Cadman

Dr Hilary Cadman is a technical editor and trainer, currently living in New South Wales, Australia. She is an editing tools enthusiast, with a knack for teaching others how to use tools in their editorial work. We caught up with Hilary to find out what tools she uses, how she came to use these tools, and how these tools have impacted her editorial work.

Best tools for each stage of editing — a peek into online course development at Professional Studies

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Are you a developmental editor? A copyeditor? Line editor? Proofreader? What tools do you use to support the editing work you do? Having the right tools for each aspect of editing can improve writing quality and editing efficiency.

At Queen’s Professional Studies, our online courses go through four stages of editing, as they’re described in the Professional Editing Standards Certificate courses:

3 kinds of editing courses: Which kind is right for you?

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As far as we can tell, there appear to be three kinds of editing courses: how-to courses, how-well-you courses, and what-to courses. What do we mean by these course categories, and which kind of course is right for you?


Many editing course providers offer how-to-edit courses in a variety of editing disciplines. If you want to learn how to copyedit a report, proofread a digital poster, or develop a piece of fiction, you’ll want to explore courses like the ones offered in the following programs:

First editor to complete the Professional Editing Standards Certificate: Meet Sharon Joseph Paul

Sharon Joseph Paul is the first editor to complete the Professional Editing Standards Certificate. She is an editor at a research institute in Kuwait.
Sharon Joseph Paul is the first editor to complete the Professional Editing Standards Certificate through Queen’s Professional Studies. Sharon is an editor at a research institute in Kuwait. We interviewed Sharon to find out more about the kind of editing she does, what professional development experiences have helped her to improve her skills, and what she plans to do next.