Photograph of plush snowman next to actual snowman
Photo by klimkin

The winter break is fast approaching. How are you celebrating the lead-up to the holidays in your child-care centre or school?

In an article titled Holidays and Anti-Bias Education: Being Thoughtful and Creative, Julie Bisson and Louise Derman-Spark encourage early childhood educators to plan celebrations thoughtfully, so that all children and educators in their communities feel affirmed. The article addresses questions like these:

  • Is it okay to celebrate holidays in the curriculum?
  • What biases do certain holidays carry?
  • How can we avoid stereotyping a people group?

The article goes on to list and describe four anti-bias education goals for planning holiday celebrations:

  • Identity
  • Diversity
  • Justice
  • Activism

The goal is for staff and families to keeping working together to create holiday activities that reflect the people in the program…
– Julie Bisson and Louise Derman-Sparks

For ideas about how to acknowledge the holiday season, explore the Anti-Bias and Diversity Resources activities on Pinterest. Which activities do you think best reflect the four goals of anti-bias education? Which activities will you try?