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Self-regulation explained

What is self-regulation? Is it the same as self-control? How can self-regulation help parents and early childhood educators support children and teens in their learning? What role does stress play in a child or teen’s ability to self-regulate?

Self-regulation expert Stuart Shanker from York University explains what self-regulation is and why it’s important for optimal learning:


Self-Reg Resources

So, how does one encourage self-regulation in children and teens? How can adults develop self-regulation strategies? The following resources will give you ideas and get you started.

Self-Regulation Institute Videos – key concepts, including the role that stress plays in self-regulation

Self Regulation Institute Podcasts – interviews with educators who are researching and practising self-regulation strategies

The Mehrit Centre Blog – examples of self-regulation in action

Student presentation by Enkela Eleni Stratoberdha – a summary of learning about self-regulation, including the Five Steps of Self-Reg

Tips Sheet – self-regulation strategies for the five domains: biological, emotional, cognitive, social and prosocial

Twitter – self-regulation thought leaders and organizations:


Want to learn more about self-regulation in early childhood education? See our courses for early childhood educators at Queen’s Professional Studies.