Are your holiday celebrations free of bias?

Photo by klimkin

The winter break is fast approaching. How are you celebrating the lead-up to the holidays in your child-care centre or school?

In an article titled Holidays and Anti-Bias Education: Being Thoughtful and Creative, Julie Bisson and Louise Derman-Spark encourage early childhood educators to plan celebrations thoughtfully, so that all children and educators in their communities feel affirmed. The article addresses questions like these:

3 kinds of editing courses: Which kind is right for you?

Image by George Hodan

As far as we can tell, there appear to be three kinds of editing courses: how-to courses, how-well-you courses, and what-to courses. What do we mean by these course categories, and which kind of course is right for you?


Many editing course providers offer how-to-edit courses in a variety of editing disciplines. If you want to learn how to copyedit a report, proofread a digital poster, or develop a piece of fiction, you’ll want to explore courses like the ones offered in the following programs: